For information on where your
tokens went in the staking contract that
the DEV pulled from BrewLabs staking
platform and the liquidity
he pulled from the RIV2 liquidity pool,
contact the RiseUp DEV:

Davy Peeters
(a.k.a "Duke")

Information on Davy for Law
Enforcement and anyone that
might need to take legal
action to recuperate losses
from investing in RIV2:

Belgium ID# 592-9141119-17

Phone: +32 476 36 06 27 (Belgium)

Here are the transactions for
the wallet where the RIV2 DEV
moved the liquidity to from the
RiseUp Deployer before moving
it to his personal
Binance account:

View The Withdrawls Here
(Last Withdawl was 3-27-23

Listen To Recorded Twitter Space With Davy